Five Great Reasons to Use Interactive Microsites for Employee Communications


Benz Communications, a benefits consulting firm, recently shared tips for communicating benefits with hard-to-reach employees. Two of their recommendations are: develop a portal or microsite, and keep your messages simple.

We’d also suggest injecting a bit of fun into the communications! Fun…as in a cartoon illustration microsite.


Whether you’re trying to help employees understand their benefits, challenging them to go paperless, or encouraging them to follow proper safety policies, using a cool interactive microsite is an ideal solution.

Employees won’t be able resist a custom interactive illustration that delivers key messages in a unique and clever way.

Your company is unique, and the cartoon solution that will work best for you must be able to capture your organization. Our Outside the Lines Creative Group (OTL) team creates one-of-a-kind interactive illustration microsites for employee communications that draw employees in. Each site (artwork and pop-up messages) is customized for your organization’s style and culture.

And each site is a fun way to deliver messages that often are ignored.

Here are our five great reasons to use an interactive microsite to reach your employees:

  1. It’s unexpected. Employees of all ages are bombarded daily with interactive advertising, games and apps. They take it for granted. But most don’t expect that the company they work for is going to reach out to them through a colorful, eye-catching interactive site. It’s a pleasant surprise and their curiosity leads them to the targeted pop-up messages.

Custom illustrations capture your organization.

2. It’s engaging. One of our clients reported that when they rolled out their interactive illustration site to their 4,000 employees during annual benefits enrollment, more than half of the workers logged on and clicked through the benefits-related messages within the first two weeks. By the end of the 8-week rollout, nearly two-thirds of all employees had visited the site multiple times – and employees completed their benefits enrollment much earlier than in previous years. The stats are even more impressive because these employees are not in front of computers all day; being on a computer is not part of their daily routine.


Pop-up messages often include links to additional resources, such as videos, .pdfs or other sites.

3. It’s memorable. Studies show that communications that combine important messages with intriguing visuals (such as a creative illustration with cartoon characters) significantly increases the reader’s ability to retain the information. One study indicates readers of printed materials are likely to remember just 10% of the information three days later. By comparison, readers retained 65% of the information when the messages were combined with appealing visuals.By creating cartoon characters that are relatable and giving them the task of delivering targeted messages, the chances are very good that employees will absorb the information.


Pop-ups can provide highlights or instructions.

4. You can gather data. If you’re curious about whether your messages are reaching your audience, an interactive illustration can be developed with the ability to track where employees click. For one client, we developed an interactive illustration that promoted wellness messages featuring more than 30 pop-ups with links to additional resources. The client was able to review statistics showing the most popular messages  — those that focused on stress reduction, anger management, and weight loss programs. They could also see the messages that weren’t getting as many clicks, and that allowed them to follow up with other communications.

5. It has a long shelf life. Depending on the purpose of the interactive illustration, the microsite can be available for several weeks or a year – or longer. Schedules are developed to activate pop-up messages. For example, several messages may activate each week over a 6-week period – or a new message may be activated each month over a year. Emails, text messages, contests, and manager reminders are just a couple of ways that employees are prompted to visit the interactive illustration site.

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